Saturday, 21 September 2013

Awesome, with a capital "A"

Wow what week with so much going on. so much positives

but also a little bit of bad driving and attitude.

Lets start with the good stuff, this week i welcomed Gill Hawkes to the learning ranks, and what a fantastic first lesson it was.

Well done to Jo, who passed her driving test this week in Northampton, well done young lady, all the hard work and nerves with more than worth it, drive safe and enjoy your first year at Uni. You know where to find me if you need any advice of help.

Now it was nearly the perfect week, but some idiot had to spoil it. I witnessed person run over an old man and toddler on Friday, the person was reversing and didn't even look, they stopped to say sorry, then when i asked their details and went to get a pen they drove off. Cowards!!!
Luckily the man only suffered a few cuts and the child was ok. Plus i managed to get the Reg of the car.

Any how thanks guys for another great working week......

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