Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Importance of Rapport & Coaching across disciplines.

A little look into how i use reflection, to show me how i progress, and understand some key coaching skills outside of my work.And help me with my driving lessons around Banbury and Daventry

Let’s start with Rapport. My son is learning to swim at the moment and just had his 3 one. The first was with a guy called Luke. Just watching for the first 5 mins, told me he would do well with my son. His body language and the way he gave encouragement mad my own intuition say YES. Fast forward 1 week, and the coach changed, just her opening statement and her own body language screamed NO!!! Very traditional, with no enjoyment for the kids, more like BOOT camp. On the way home his whole attitude had gone from wow daddy that was cool to, I do not want to go swimming anymore! We missed a week due to illness, but I found out there would be a new coach there for the next session. Straight away the old intuition screamed YES she is very good indeed, my son completely relaxed and so did all of the other kids, she made the learning fun, therefore building a good rapport with them. He loved it and wants to go again, let hope she stays.

Now my own ADI style is coaching, I didn't realize this until I did my BTEC 3 with Kev Field. Nearly 1 year on since my course and journey into more coaching,

I have realized why I did well in the Scuba Diving/tourism industry, and have now realized my strongest areas. Empathy, Intuition, Patience without the three of these, I would have come unstuck under water with panicky divers, as an ADI they allow me to gauge the same things with panicky drivers, but just behind the wheel. I believe this is why people would come back to MALTA time and time again to dive with me and why I am starting to do well as an ADI My BTEC gave me more tools and help me enhance what I was already doing. It is my belief that this way of coaching in any industry that has learners would benefit from taking a second look at how they do it.

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