Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Don't take it personally, but look just a little!!

Isn’t it great when things are going the way you want them, but when thing don’t do you as an ADI’s take the time to make sure that the pupil who has just failed was unlucky and had a “moment” during the test, or it was something you should have taught them.

Now I am going to be brave here and admit, that I have just had a couple of pupils fail, and true to form I analysed how I taught them and asked if I could of done anything different.  In fact I do this every time, as I like to tweek things as needed, but looking back in all honesty I did all I could to make them test standard.
There are many reasons to fail, nervs, other road users, or the one you do not wish it to be, is YOUR teaching or lack of knowledge.

Even if you have done everything you can try not to beat yourself up, but do take 5 mins to think about it, and then book them a cancelation.

The point is do not take it personally, sometimes people fail, you are not the one taking the test. And yes you will get a long run of pass’s too to redress the balance.
But do take a moment to analyse it, just make sure you are still in top form. What harm can it do?

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