Monday, 9 June 2014

Lack of RESPECT!!!!

It’s no secret I love my job and have met some amazing people. But one thing keeps raising its ugly head. The complete lack of mutual respect, and I do not mean just giving a polite wave one the road.
I’m talking about certain people on Facebook forums! Over the last couple of week’s there have been a number of post, that for some of superior beings seemed blatantly stupid, and comments like are “are these people really teaching” or “sweet Jesus is this real” and more besides.

Now for all of you who seem to be some kind of super ADI or have complete mastery of everything, and do not need to ask any questions what so ever, because you are a proper smart ass, and even give God advice. The people asking these questions genuinely do not know the answer’s yes they may be just a little green or naive, but there is no reason to insult them, and make them feel stupid, as they may have another question of more importance but are afraid to ask.

Do you teach like this, if so god help the nervous ones. It would be more constructive just to say nothing at all. Let them ask the questions, there are some of us who are willing to help even if the answer is obvious, we help, give advice and stay supportive no matter what, above all we do not JUDGE them.

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