Saturday, 10 May 2014

A safe little box.

Speed limtsDo we as drivers once we have past our test decide to ignore the rules taught to us? I believe this may to true to an extent. I witness this on every day whilst carrying out my job as a DVSA Driving Coach. Speed limits tend to be the biggest offence followed closely is inpatients.

This year alone there have been 4/5 serious accidents between Banbury and Daventry, an 18 mile stretch of road. Two of witch on the same corner, one sadly fatal!

So where is the safe little box? When we are in our car most of us feeling safe, and some feel as if they cannot be hurt, true to an extent, we are safe from the elements, and our surroundings. When we are safe we gain confidence and then here is where it turns into a problem. We are also so busy in modern life that we race around and make not extra time, then again we can speed.  If this is you then the percentages say that at some point you will be involved in an accident.

For some they seem to feel they are right and the speed limits are only there for show, or the rules of the road are only for learners, this type of driver I feel is the most dangerous of all, and sadly the one I see the most of daily!

Driving lessons, Banbury, Daventry

All I would say is that in the end the speed will get you or someone close, please slow down and enjoy life.

It is true to say that there is not enough enforcement of traffic laws, i.e. police officers, speed camera’s etc., to slow people down.

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