Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Standards Check

Well after missing three check tests for whatever reason I finally sat the new DVSA Standards Check. I found the Examiner very approachable and helpful, I had heard so much hearsay at test centres from other ADI’s over the last couple of years that I thought I was sure to fail because of nerves. From “he downgraded me for wearing sunglasses” to “He didn't like me from the start so I only got a 4”.   All of their comments could not have been farther from the truth as to my own experience.

In February I decided to complete my BTEC3 in driver development, this gave me some new skills that I am sure helped me achieve my GRADE A on my standards check. I now am now putting into place what the examiner said after, by doing this I hope to again achieve an A but without dropping 5 points as I did last time.

All i did was deliver a normal lesson for my pupil, making sure i was client centred and managed any risks. I do this every day. I would also recommend people to not to listen to the hearsay and find out for themselves, whether or not they are client centred. It is not, all about just asking questions (another thing i hear allot at test centres), but asking the RIGHT questions.

I even reflect after each day, and see where I can improve. All of this can only benefit me and my pupils, thus making them safer drivers.

I feel that some in the industry like to blame others for their own short comings, if they were to ask the right questions to the right people I am sure they would have had a better result/experience.


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