Friday, 30 January 2015

Driving in snow and ice - Never to old to learn.

So winter is now here proper and there is snow and ice in lot's of places in the UK. There are also lots pf drivers who believe they do not have to change their driving style to suit!

As i dropped a pupil off after a test it started so snow quite heavily, covering the ground quickly. The journey home is about three miles on country roads/lanes. I know i used second, even third to pull away after stopping, and did not come out of second gear the most of the way home.

The scary thing was watching other drivers slipping and sliding all over the road from driving too fast and hitting the brakes too hard.

My advice would be even if you have been driving for years, why not get some advice on how to drive in these conditions, and remember the old saying an old dog can learn new tricks.

Stay safe out there this winter.

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