Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Satnavs in driving lessons, Banbury and Daventry

Driving lessons Banbury, Daventry
Sat Nav's are a part of every day driving and therefore i teach my pupils how to use them safely, on their lessons in Banbury and Daventry. There is also talk of them being introduced as part of the practical test, don't panic just yet as it will be over 18 months if anything is to change. But it is being trialed now.

I here instructors moaning and groaning about the change (nothing new there then lol), but change is good if it benefits the pupils and therefore makes them a safer driver for life.

During my lessons i get my pupils to drive from one side of town to the other using the satnav. Easy i here you all say, well i hate to be the barer of bad news but 99% of them have an issue or two.

Think of it this way we give them directions a set way, "at the end of the road", "take the next road", not to dissimilar to how the Examiner does it. A sat nav on the other had, may say "in a quarter of a mile", "in 1000 feet"! It may also not warn you of a slight junction and just tell you to follow the road to the left (what if is a give way)! the pupil now thinks it's bear left!

So before you think there is no point try it and see how they react. For those of you learning but your instructor does not think it's worthwhile, insist on it, of if you my way, give me a call

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