Sunday, 22 March 2015

A little respect for today's learner drivers

Did you take driving lessons/take a driving test, YES. Well then read on.
I have now been in the industry just over 3 years, and for me one of my biggest grips is the total lack of respect given to learner drivers, and yes I was probably one of them at some point.
My point is there is allot of traffic around now a days and combine that with aggressive driving, shouting and rude gestures, I can make learning even more stressful.

Let me explain. A learner approaching a busy roundabout for the first time, they can do it easily on quieter roundabouts, but now it’s time to try a bigger busier beast.  Their judgement is not quite 100% yet and feel a little nervous approaching, everything I technically right with no mistakes until, YOU sit right up our rear bumper and they stall. They can then see you mouthing off something. Guess what that piles on the pressure 100% and they stall, whilst all this is going on I am trying to keep them calm and reassure them they can do it, and all they need to do is not rush the pull away, this works in most cases. But then YOU hit your horn as YOU are the most important person on the planet, and your appointment at McDonalds will be delayed 5 seconds. Again a stall, this prompts you so drive aggressively around my pupil, and makes the matter even worse.

  • Did you have to pass a test? Then this was you once!
  • How would you feel if someone did this to your son or daughter.
  • If this is YOU, then listen, the more pressure you put on my pupil the more you will be stuck behind us!
  • Show a little consideration for them, as your only making yourself look STUPID in full HD as I have front and rear dash cams, and so do many other ADI’s

So next time you get stuck behind us, take a deep breath and think of how much quicker we will go if you just calm down and let us get on with it.

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