Sunday, 14 July 2013

10 Years ago i became a scuba diving instructor, working in the Indian Ocean Lackshadweep Islands) and in the Mediterranean (Malta and Comino). 

I count myself very luck to have been able to indulge one of my hobbies as a profession. And in turn have the opotunity to have dived in two very different but eaquily stunning dive locations.

The first location (lackshadweep) was almost completely undived, with 3 species of turtle seen daily, sharks by the bucket load and shed loads of all of the other likely tropical suspect's, with a scattering of rarities along the way.

Here i also had the chance of meeting people from different cultures and religions, who lived in harmony with each other, both on the islands and mainland India, witch was like a land of smiles, no matter how little they had, they would say hi and smile.

My second location was the Maltese archipelago. Here i had the opportunity to dive all three islands but primarily Malta and Comino, with around 3,500/4,000 dives logged, 1,000 of these on Comino alone as myself and my wife co-ran the dive center there for Subway Scuba Diving.

We also help set up H20 Divers, "Scuba Diving Malta" And worked here for around 6 years.

During this time i developed my passion for photography, and ended up taking hundreds of photographs of the marine life, wrecks and

I was very blessed to have met many nice people over the years, with some of them becoming friends, i have also been luck to have had my underwater work publish, and seeing as this was not my main job just my passion, also that the underwater photo market is very competitive i am also grateful to the magazines tour operators and website owners for using my work

We returned home nearly years ago now and this is now my ongoing adventure, what with my 2 1/2 year old and my new business, there is never a dull moment.

 The Statue of Christ Depth 38mts

The awesome Blue Hole

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